Commercial Cleaning Services Amidst COVID 19: How to Get Your Workplace Ready?

Commercial Cleaning and Covid

Commercial Cleaning Services Amidst COVID 19: How to Get Your Workplace Ready?

The havoc that the COVID-19 pandemic has wrecked across the globe is known to all. As businesses start adjusting to the new normal, they need to ensure that the workplaces are safe for their employees. Cleaning your office yourself isn’t always a viable option for every business, and with the restrictions starting to relax, various companies are getting their offices ready to function again. This essentially calls for commercial cleaning services to tackle the risks of COVID-19 infections through surfaces. Regardless of how large your business is, the safety of your employees should be of paramount importance. MaidPure happens to be a leading company that offers commercial cleaning services. We go to great lengths to provide our clients with quality services.

How to clean a commercial property amid COVID?

Depending on the size of your property, there might be different types of spaces that require cleaning. Quite naturally, the same techniques do not work for every space. Ideally, cleaning companies should come up with a comprehensive strategy for thorough and effective cleaning.

  1. Cleaning the high-touch spaces

The surfaces that your employees touch the most are the riskiest factors during the COVID-19 pandemic. These high-touch and high-usage areas require frequent cleaning at all times. Such spaces include:

  • Controls and touchpads for various appliances
  • Doors, doorknobs, and other frequently touched objects at entryways
  • Tables, chairs, armrests, conference room desks, and other furniture
  • Phones, computers, cash registers, TV remotes, and other electronics
  • Sink faucets, stair rails, blinds. Etc.

This should give a hint of what type of objects and areas fall into this category. Leading organic cleaners like cleaning solutions that would not have any adverse health effects on people touching the sanitized areas.

  1. Cleaning shared areas and equipment

Cleaning the shared areas and equipment is almost as important as cleaning the high-touch spaces. When different people use the same equipment, it is no different from a high-touch area. Shared spaces in a commercial building include:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms and changing rooms
  • Recreational spaces such as cafeterias
  • Water coolers and drinking fountains
  • Waiting rooms

Besides cleaning these areas when the dirt is visible, it is also necessary to disinfect them at regular intervals.

  1. Cleaning larger spaces

Large and complex facilities in a commercial property can be hard to clean and disinfect due to their size. As a well-established cleaning company, we use sophisticated cleaning equipment for such areas. The right type of equipment can effectively disinfect large areas and multiple types of equipment within a short span of time. However, professional services are a must as an untrained individual would not use the cleaning equipment properly.

  1. Cleaning porous and soft areas

Another challenge that businesses often face is the cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are soft and porous. Unlike hard surfaces such as the floor, one cannot just wipe these areas with soap areas. Soft and porous spaces in an office may include:

  • Carpets
  • Chairs
  • Sofas
  • Curtains

Now, pathogens can easily grow in such spaces without adequate cleaning and disinfection. Now, pure cleaning solutions that are safe for soft surfaces are necessary in such a case.

What cleaning products should you use in commercial spaces?

One cannot possibly identify a particular cleaning product as the best one for commercial cleaning. As discussed earlier, there are various cleaning needs that a business would have to meet. Expert natural cleaning professionals use different cleaning products and equipment depending on the scenario.

  • While cleaning screens of electronic equipment, it is necessary to use sprays or wipes that contain at least 70% or more alcohol. However, if the manufacturer has already provided specific cleaning guidelines, it is better to adhere to those.
  • A commercial cleaning service would include vacuuming the space first to remove dirt and dust for soft surfaces. After this, one would have to choose the cleaning and disinfecting solution based on the material of the surface.
  • Electrostatic spraying is particularly useful while cleaning larger areas, such as classrooms, kitchens, waiting rooms, etc.
  • Special cleaning solutions are necessary to clean areas frequented by children and young individuals, such as playing areas and sports facilities. This way, the cleaning product would not harm the children in any way.

How to choose the best maid service near me?

It is quite normal to wonder, “Where can I find a reliable maid service near me?” if you do not know a reputed one. This is usually a problem only at the initial stage. Once you find a cleaning company that you can trust, you can hire them every time. The leading companies also deliver a great range of services, which makes it even more convenient. You would want to consider the following factors while choosing a cleaning service:

  • Eco-friendliness: While ensuring the safety of your workforce, it is also crucial to think about the environment. Moreover, cleaning products that are not safe for the environment may not have the best effects on your property. This is why you should hire eco-friendly cleaning.
  • Efficiency: The cleaning company that you hire must be efficient with the whole process. It wouldn’t be ideal to hire a team that does not do the job well, as it would compromise the safety of your employees. This is why checking the reputation and track record of a cleaning company is crucial.
  • Thoroughness: Before hiring a maid service, ask about the areas that they would clean and disinfect. Professionals who have experience and care about their customers pay attention to every detail. This implies that in addition to the obvious spaces such as countertops, they should also clean soap dispensers, doorknobs, and other tiny areas that are easy to overlook.

At a time when the pandemic poses a serious risk, professional cleaning services are essential. Your regular cleaning staff may not be ideal for the job if they do not have much experience in disinfecting spaces thoroughly. You may hire organic cleaning services from MaidPure to protect the interests of your business and your employees. Our highly skilled team of professionals uses the best cleaning and disinfecting products. You may give us a call at 843-284-8272 to get in touch and receive our quality commercial cleaning services.

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