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We know every space is unique and has a few special needs when it comes to?their cleanings. ?To ensure the highest quality of service, we ask you to read this form in its entirety. We have structured this service agreement to insure that the quality and duties of our service have been performed to meet both parties? expectations. There is no term to this agreement.

Thank you for choosing MaidPure.


Preparing for your cleaning– You and your estimator have come up with an initial price for your first cleaning and a set price for ongoing service. You should have received a formal estimate via email approving the costs of our services. Initial cleaning prices vary based on your particular needs and expectations. Estimates are based on the total time it will take our cleaning associates to clean your space. The best way to maximize your cleaning and to stick within the budget of the cleaning is to prepare your home for the team?s arrival.

Hiring Policies: We work very hard to hire only honest, kind and thoughtful staff. ?We run background checks on new hires and have a very thorough interview process. ???MaidPure also requires all staff to train for a minimum of 5 days.

Security: ?As we do everything in our power to hire and maintain staff of a high moral fortitude we still encourage clients to play it safe and secure valuables, jewelry and or cash. ?This helps with the protection of our staff and clients.

Brushes: MaidPure provides all the necessary cleaning equipment needed to perform the highest level of service. The only thing we ask you to provide is a toilet brush. In addition all clients will need to purchase a set of brushes from MaidPure for sanitary purposes. Five dollars will be added to your initial bill and the brushes will be left at the first cleaning. If you need a replacement set of brushes, we will notify you before bringing new ones and an additional $5 will be added.

Inspections: For quality control, we like to check the majority of our jobs upon completion. ?There are times when our managers are unable to check while the staff is still in your home. Inspections are part of our signature services and imperative for consistent cleanings each and every time. ?Please let us know if you are not comfortable if a manager re-enters to inspect after the cleaning.

Room Rotation ?? After your initial cleaning, a room of choice is deep cleaned each visit. The room rotation consists of lightly dusting blinds, ceiling fans and or light fixtures, and washing baseboards. ?MaidPure will create a rotation log

Gate Passes – If a pass is required for our staff to enter your community development, please make sure to call in a pass under MaidPure so our staff may enter at ease. If a pass is not called in, MaidPure reserves the right to cancel your appointment and/or charge a $45 cancellation fee. *Please check with your homeowner?s association or gate pass manager with regard to weekends and holidays.

Cancellations/Lock-Outs – We understand cancellations happen last minute, but ask that you give us 24-hour notice. If an appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment, MaidPure reserves the right to charge a $45 cancellation fee and $100 during the weeks of July 4th, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Fees will be determined on a case by case basis.

Payments- ?You may pay for your cleaning service by check, cash or credit card. Payments should be made before or at time of service unless otherwise arranged. We require a credit card to guarantee service. If no payment is left at time of cleaning, the credit card on file will be charged. ?In the rare case that a credit card is not on file and payment is not received within 24 hours we will add a $5 per day late fee to your invoice. ?

Cleaning Rates- While we try to stay true to all estimates and cleaning rates, there may be times when the rate is not on target with total time in the home. Total time includes the staff unloading and loading their equipment. ?If this is the case we will contact the client to discuss possible price changes if the cleaning time differs from the original bid. ?We also reserve the right to re-visit the estimate if cleanings are taking longer than expected. Any items added to regular cleanings will be charged our ?A La Carte? rates. Additionally, if a client skips a cleaning and/or stops and starts service, additional charges will be applied. *For example, if a semi-monthly client skips a cleaning, they may be charged a monthly cleaning charge since 4 weeks will have passed since their last cleaning. Please call the office to discuss your cleaning rates if you stop and start service.

Staff Safety: For various reasons the staff will not be able to use a ladder higher than 3 steps or lift anything over 25 lbs. We will also not handle any pet feces, bodily fluids, and or anything else we feel may be a health risk. Particularly, if you have pets, please make sure there are no signs of fleas, etc. as this can be detrimental not only to our staff but other clients as well. If a staff member feels their safety is at risk, pictures will be taken and sent to you as a reference and your cleaning will be rescheduled.

Cleaning Times- A specific day and time will be assigned for your cleaning. There may be circumstances when your cleaning time and day may change due to a shortage of staff. We understand your time is valuable and so is your schedule. Rescheduling cleaning appointments is a last resort. If we have to change your day and/or time of your cleaning, one of our schedulers will do as soon as they know there is a conflict. If having the same staff member is important to you, please let us know as we handle these requests with the utmost importance.

Cleaning Products- MaidPure is an eco-friendly cleaning company and believes in only using safe products for our health and the environment. ?Please do not ask the staff to use any products which may contradict our philosophy. If you are not pleased with the results of our products, please call the office to discuss a mutually beneficial replacement or pre-treat the area of concern prior to the staff?s arrival. Keep in mind, the staff pays for their own uniform so if there are incidents where bleach or any harmful chemicals are used to pre-treat you alert our staff so they don?t get it on their clothing. *Please note: MaidPure is not responsible for any damages that may result in using products other than those provided to our staff by MaidPure. ??

Electronics- MaidPure uses only a dry cloth on flat screen TV?s and computer equipment. If a client requests otherwise, we will not be responsible for any damages.

Laundry- We offer laundry as an ?A La Carte? item. If you have special instructions regarding laundry, please email or call our office before your cleaning appointment. *If special instructions are not provided, MaidPure assumes no responsibility for any damaged goods. Washer and dryers will not be left on when staff leaves.

Proper Installation- MaidPure is not responsible for damage due to improper installation. ?All surfaces are assumed sealed and ready to be cleaned without harm.

Damage- In the event of an accident, MaidPure will make every effort to replace or fix the item ASAP. ?We will leave behind a card and will contact you within 24 hours to make arrangements. ?MaidPure reserves the right to refuse cleaning those items deemed ?too risky? and will not clean inside china cabinets or dust anything we feel is too fragile. We ask clients to protect themselves and our staff by letting us know of items that could pose a risk while cleaning and may be subject to loss of value. *Please note: MaidPure will not be responsible for damages that are not reported within 48 hours after cleaning or for items that cannot be inspected by an owner or management. Anything above a $500 value will be turned over to our insurance company. ?

Soliciting Staff- We ask our clients not to solicit any of our staff to perform cleaning services of any kind outside of MaidPure. We have worked very hard to build our client database and train the staff. ??Thank you.

100%- We stand behind our work 100%. ?If for some reason you are not satisfied with your cleaning, we will be more than happy to return within 24 hours to re-clean areas of concern. ?We do not refund or discount cleanings unless we did not come back within that ?24 hour window.

By signing this agreement, I agree to and fully understand the terms and conditions of the agreement *



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