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Home Spa Services

Our professionally trained and trusted staff is dedicated to exceptional service which includes a consistent and detailed cleaning of each room. All of our signature home spa cleaning packages come with the burning of essential oils, turn-down bed and linen service, and organic treats left atop your pillow. What’s more, MaidPure is “cleaning with a conscious”. We will not only “WOW” you with top notch natural cleaning but learn your likes and dislikes and leave little added touches along the way. Check out each of our three home spa treatments. Any of these packages can be customized to fit your personal needs.


Using pure, natural & family safe products doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Our boutique style cleanings start at just $100.

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Pure Bliss Packages

Our most desired package. Using all organic products, our trained & trusted housekeepers will transform your home. This heavenly treatment is formulated to regenerate and strengthen your home. In addition to the services listed below, clients should expect turn-down bed service, burning of essential oils and organic treats placed atop your pillows.


Spot wash exterior of cabinets and shelves.
Wash exterior and interior of microwave.
Clean exterior of all appliances.
Wash and disinfect (99.9%) all countertops, back-splashes, and sinks.
Wipe down stove-top.
Vacuum and mop kitchen floors.
Clean top of fridge and wash kitchen window.


Wash & disinfect (99.9%) sinks, countertops and toilets. Scrub and remove mold & mildew from showers and tubs.
Shine and clean fixtures.
Wipe down mirrors.
Spot wash exterior of cabinets and shelves.
Wipe down toiletries and knick knacks.
Vacuum and mop bathroom floors.

All Rooms:

Dust shelves, knick knacks, lamps and pictures.
Pick up & straighten home.
Remove cobwebs.
Shake out rugs.
Vacuum underneath furniture, where accessible.
Vacuum and mop floors.
Clean entryway window & backdoor glass.
Empty waste baskets.
Dust baseboards.

*Initial Cleaning offers a complimentary dusting of all light fixtures, ceiling fans, and blinds. In addition to steam mopping all hardwood and tile floors.

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Neat Freak Package

All the personalized organic treatments from the Pure Bliss package plus a more detailed cleaning of floors and tile. This spa treatment guarantees all of the amenities of Pure Bliss PLUS.

Deep dust all light fixtures and ceiling fans.
Vacuum all furniture, including under cushions.
Scrub shower tile and grout.
Change all sheets and make all beds.
Wash baseboards.
Dust blinds (slat by slat).
Vacuum vents.

*Added luxury awaits you with a candle infused with aromatherapy. AHHH, now that you’ve pampered your home, pamper yourself.

construction cleaning
Wellness Package

A combination of the Pure Bliss and Neat Freak packages plus all the extras you would expect in a “top to bottom” cleaning. Not a surface of your home is left untouched. This spa treatment is a combination of Pure Bliss & Neat Freak PLUS.

Wash blinds (slat by slat).
Wash ceiling fans and exterior of all light fixtures.
Clean inside oven and refrigerator.
Maidpure will change linen on all beds at your request.
Wash all doors, door frames, handrails & ceiling vents.
Wash trash cans.
Fresh cut flowers will be left for your enjoyment.

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A La Carte

Customized packages can be created at your request by adding any or all of the following items. If there is something in one of our packages you would like to add or remove, browse here for added extras.

Wash Ceiling Fans $5
Wash Blinds (slat by slat) $5
Wash Baseboards TBD
Wash Light Fixtures $4-8
Steam Clean Tile & Grout TBD
Change Bedding $4 twin / $5 double / $7 Queen / $9 King
Vacuum Furniture $8 couch / $4 chair
Wash/Put Away Dishes TBD
Clean Fridge & Freexer $25
Oven $15 (self clean)
Light Laundry TBD per load within parameters of your cleaning time
Wash Windows (inside) $5 per / $9 including sill
Wash Doors & Door Frames $4 per
Clean Porch TBD
Fresh Flowers Market Value
MaidPure Candles $25
Signature Scent $5

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Additional Services

In addition to cleaning homes, we also specialize in the following services. All additional treatments are performed with the same top-notch service & customer care. We provide a complimentary, on-site estimate and our accessible pricing fits every budget.

House Cleaning Services
Vacation Rentals

Pamper your clients with a house so luxuriously cleaned, they will never vacation anywhere else! What’s best, our hassle free vacation set up.

The following is a list of what you can expect from our staff when cleaning your vacation rental. In addition, we have what we call our “Welcome Wagon” which will give your client hassle free vacation set-up BEFORE they arrive. Please email us so we may send you our Vacation Rental presentation.


Clean appliances, counters, cabinets, table, and chairs.
Shine stainless and chrome.
Clean, scrub, and sanitize sinks, drains, countertops, and backsplashes.
Clean range top and inside oven.
Clean inside toaster oven and coffee maker.
Clean inside of refrigerator and microwave.
Vacuum and hand wash floors and baseboards.
Empty dishwasher, and quickly organize cupboards.
Empty and clean trash can.

Living Area:

Dust window sills and ledges.
Remove cobwebs.
Vacuum floor, including under furniture, and double mop floors.
Dust blinds, ceiling fans, furniture, and lamps.
Dust under all knick knacks and object itself.
Vacuum furniture, including under seat cushions, and flip cushions.
Check sofa bed for dirty linens.
Empty trash and reline cans.
Spot wash windows and walls.
Dust wall hangings.
Dust baseboards.


Clean and sanitize showers, bathtubs, vanity, sinks, and backsplashes.
Clean Mirrors.
Clean and sanitize entire toilet.
Polish chrome.
Wipe light fixtures.
Vacuum and hand wash floors. Floor will be HAIR & SAND FREE!
Wash baseboards/blinds.
Wipe soap dishes, knick knacks, and wall hangings.
Empty and clean trash can.


Change bedding.
Vacuum floors, including under furniture, and double mop.
Check for personal belongings left in drawers and closets.
Wipe out all drawers and make sure HAIR & SAND FREE!
Dust furniture and clean mirrors.
Dust ceiling fans and blinds.
Dust all knick knacks and underneath.
Spot clean windows and walls.
Empty and clean trash cans.

Outside Area:

Clean Grill and make sure propane is full.
Trash is taken to curb.
Make sure appearance of yard is attractive.
Make sure the pool is free of drawer.
Clean and straighten deck and furniture in pool area.


Wipe down all furniture.
Arrange furniture.
Sweep floors and vacuum rugs.
Clean fans.
Clean both sides of glass doors.


Washer and dryer cleaned.
Vents cleaned.
Entryway door cleaned.
Replace burned out light bulbs.
Make sure tenant has all supplies. (List will be provided)
Thermostat and refrigerator set to correct temperature.
Check for any damages.

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Move In/Move Out

Seal the deal with an exceptional house cleaning. If you’re a realtor or buying/selling on your own, give your client the very best the first time around. Everything in our Pure Bliss package plus…

A complete cleaning of:
Inside Kitchen Cabinets
Inside bathroom cabinets
Wash baseboards
Wash blinds
Wash light fixtures & ceiling fans
Vacuum vents
Wash doors and frames
Spot clean walls and windows
Wash shelving inside closets

Move In Out Cleaning Services
Commercial Cleaning

Give your employees a breath of fresh air. Cleaner, greener work environments have been shown to increase profitability! This treatment is formulated to regenerate and strengthen health & wellness in the workplace.

The following items will be completed by our team of professionally trained & trusted staff. Copies of our liability and Worker’s Comp policies can be provided for your records. References available at your request. Please call our office 843.284.8272 to schedule an estimate. Of course, if there is something you would like to add to the list below, a cleaning package can be customized to meet your needs.


Wipe down exterior of cabinets and shelves.
Wash exterior and interior of microwave.
Clean exterior of all appliances.
Wash and disinfect all countertops and sinks.


Wash and disinfect sinks, countertops, showers and toilets.
Shine and clean fixtures.
Wipe down mirrors.
Wash all cabinets, doors and shelves.

All rooms:

Empty trash and recycling
Remove cobwebs
Dust baseboards
Vacuum and wash all floors
Clean entryway windows
Dust vents
Dust all furniture, lamps, pictures and knick knacks.
Spot clean doors, walls and handrails.

Commercial Cleaning Services Charleston SC

You’ve made the mess, now let us clean it up. Impress your clients with the very best cleaning. Let us make their new house a home! The following is a “rough sketch” of what you can expect from our staff during a construction clean. We are fully insured and carry both liability and Worker’s Comp insurance. Both documents can be furnished at your request.

Phase One: Framing Rough Clean:

Remove all wood debris from interior, around exterior perimeter and in courtyard of unit. Stack all lumber in front of each house to be placed in dumpster. Sweep for framing inspection after electricians and plumber (one sweep).

Phase Two: Box Out Rough Clean:

Remove all roofing debris, including clay tile, nails, paper and pallets from perimeter of unit. Finish rough clean (one sweep).

Phase Three: Painting Rough Clean:

Remove all wood debris generated from cabinets and finish carpentry. Remove all ceramic tile and/or marble slab and tile, including boxes, wrappers, etc. from interior and exterior of unit.
Sweep entire interior and exterior of unit.
Sweep and scrape entire interior of unit (not including windows).
Remove all boxes, paper and debris from interior of unit, outer perimeter and courtyard of unit.

Phase Four: Box Out Cleaning For Inspection Rough Clean:

Wash interior window glass.
Wash exterior window glass and exterior window sash.
Pick up and throw out packing cases and sweep after plumbers and electricians finish.
Scrape and sweep for carpet pad.
Pick up building debris ahead of finish grade.
Sweep garbage.

Clean for inspection and acceptable to include:

Wash plumbing fixtures and remove labels from sinks, bathtubs, showers, commodes, mirrors in lavatories, kitchens and bathrooms.
Dust cabinets, closets, base, window sills, window and door tracks, fireplace and exterior of appliances.
Clean countertops.

For additional information and/or to request a complete information packet with references be sent to your company, please email us at or call our office 843-284-8272.

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