Tips To Keep Your Home Clean & Green

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Tips To Keep Your Home Clean & Green

The indoor hygiene and cleanliness of your home are crucial to the health of the inhabitants. One cannot possibly overstate the importance of keeping your home clean and green. A home without a clean atmosphere can give rise to a variety of diseases. If you do lack the expertise or time to clean your home properly on a regular basis, you can always hire professional cleaning services once in a while. At MaidPure, we offer reliable residential and commercial cleaning services, through our experienced professionals.

How do I keep my house clean consistently?

It is imperative to keep your house clean at all times, which means that you would have to remain consistent with the cleaning. Here are a few tips on how you may go about it:

  1. Follow a schedule

In order to be consistent, you would have to follow a proper cleaning schedule. Include a bit of time for basic cleaning tasks in your daily schedule. You may take care of the more time-consuming tasks on a weekly basis. By sticking to a schedule and cleaning your home regularly, you can prevent it from becoming too dirty, which would be hard to clean.

  1. Follow cleanliness habits

Just like sticking to a schedule, building habits is crucial too. For instance, it is imperative to always leave your shoes outside the door. By reducing the dirtiness of your home, you may lower the need for cleaning in the first place. It also pays off to clean on the go, such as putting your clothes directly into the closet or the laundry, and your dishes into the dishwasher instead of leaving them around.

  1. Declutter

While decluttering may take some time, it is certainly worth putting some effort into it. When you remove unnecessary items and keep the remaining belongings arranged properly, your home becomes much easier to clean. The lesser items in a room, the faster you can clean it up and move on to the next room.

  1. Pay attention to every detail

Even a small amount of dirt in an otherwise clean area can give the room an untidy look. Make sure to clean every corner carefully and remove all the dirt that may have accumulated. Apart from cleaning, simple tasks like making the bed can completely change the looks of your home and give its tidiness a boost.

  1. Focus on the high-traffic areas

If you cannot be equally thorough with the entire home, at least put adequate effort into cleaning the high-traffic areas. By doing so, you can prevent dirt from spreading to the rest of your home as you get rid of the dirt at the source. Placing small rugs at your doors is a great way to trap dirt and stop its spread.

These are some easy-to-follow habits that would help you keep your home clean consistently.

How can I be more environmentally friendly when cleaning?

Not every cleaning method is equally safe for the environment. As an individual responsible for the environment around us, one should always try to clean a home in an eco-friendly manner. This would directly benefit you too, as a method that is safe for the environment is also safe for the residents. You may follow the tips below in order to be environmentally friendly while cleaning your home.

  1. Use green products

One of the key reasons behind the environmental concerns regarding cleaning a home is the fact that conventional cleaning products are not eco-friendly. These products consist of various chemicals that can have an adverse impact on various aspects of the environment. Look for green cleaning products that are non-toxic and biodegradable and use natural ingredients.

  1. Open up the windows

It is absolutely inadvisable to rely on air fresheners to keep your indoor air clean and fresh. While the air might smell great on using these, all you are doing is adding chemicals to stagnant air. Instead, open up the windows once in a while to let in the fresh air. It would naturally improve your indoor air quality while eliminating the need for air fresheners that might be harmful to the environment.

  1. Use natural items to freshen the air

In case opening the windows isn’t a viable option, such as in air-conditioned spaces, use natural items. Boiling herbs, cloves and cinnamon is a great way to refresh your indoor air naturally. You may consider keeping indoor plants to filter the air and remove contaminants.

  1. Proper disposal of toxic cleaners

As mentioned previously, you should stick to eco-friendly cleaning products. However, in case you do use a conventional cleaning product that might be toxic, make sure to dispose of it properly. When you throw toxic cleaners into the trash or the drains, the chemicals make their way back to your home through the water supply.

There are several ways to clean a home effectively, without compromising the safety of the environment.

Where can you hire professional home cleaning services?

MaidPure happens to be one of the leading cleaning companies in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC. Our professionals have plenty of experience in handling complex cleaning jobs with ease. We offer various cleaning packages that would leave your home spotlessly clean.

Most importantly, we care greatly for the environment. When you hire our organic house cleaning services, our professionals would use eco-friendly cleaners and follow practices that do not harm the environment. It would also ensure the safety of your children or pets, as exposure to toxic chemicals would not be a concern anymore.

We offer boutique-style cleaning services that are perfect for luxurious vacation rentals. In case you own a home that you use commercially, we can always help you add a lavish touch through our organic cleaning services. Several factors make us your best choice, such as:

  • Flexible packages
  • Comprehensive services
  • Reasonable rates
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Transparency

We have already earned a great reputation and guarantee quality services for each and every customer. Feel free to call MaidPure at 843-284-8272 or visit our website to hire us to clean your home.

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