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Frequently Asked Questions – All You Need to Know About MaidPure Services

What sets MaidPure aside from other cleaning companies?
First and foremost, communication and trust is the key to our success. We meet every new client at their home to discuss pricing, products and philosophy. Cleanings are customized, detailed, consistent and more thorough than other cleaning services at competitive pricing. We are licensed and insured. We pay taxes and our full and part-time staff are employees of our company. Each job is checked by our field manager so you know you are getting the same level of service each time we clean your home. What’s more, our favorite color is green! We only use natural, eco-friendly products while cleaning your home. Our housekeepers treat your home with the utmost respect. All members of our staff are hand-picked and specially trained.


What supplies do I need?
We are equipped with our own eco-friendly cleaning supplies, however for sanitary purposes MaidPure requires that each client purchase cleaning tools from us (one-time charge $4 added to your first cleaning) and supply their own toilet bowl brush. MaidPure uses hypoallergenic vacuums and all of our vacuum tools are disinfected before entering the home but if you would like our housekeepers to use your vacuum, that’s fine too (please advise ahead of time).


How do you clean?
Our cleanings are much more thorough than other cleaning companies. For instance, we don’t dust around objects. Each item is picked up dusted, dusted underneath and then put back exactly as you had it. Bottoms of chairs are wiped of debris and hair. Floors are hand-washed in kitchen, bathrooms, and entryway. In other areas, we use two mopheads when mopping. When our staff vacuums, we pull out items and vacuum behind and underneath furniture. We get eye-level with countertops. Our rags are safely cleaned and sanitized each cleaning. In addition, our vacuums are disinfected after each home we clean. Baseboards are dusted. Blinds and light fixtures in each room are rotated. What’s more, each room is left in showroom condition. Beds turned-down, towels folded. We learn your likes and dislikes and incorporate them within the cleaning. We learn where you like things kept and what goes where. We pamper your home as if it were our own.


Why should I hire MaidPure instead of an individual cleaner?
There are several reasons why hiring a professional service is better than hiring most individual cleaners.


  • You don’t have to do the hiring, background check, time-keeping, payroll, etc. MaidPure handles all of this for you.
  • You don’t have to worry about reporting and paying social security and employer taxes, or withholding and remitting employee taxes. If you don’t do all of this with an individual, you may be violating the law.
  • You don’t have to build and maintain a boss-employee relationship. With MaidPure, you can deal directly with the owners and managers of our company and receive consistent respectful and the courtesy you deserve.
  • MaidPure carries workers compensation and disability insurance, reducing your liability for injuries. Individuals usually don’t maintain these kind of coverages.
  • Fully-trained staff, so there’s always a back-up in the event that your regular housekeeper is unavailable.


How does MaidPure come up with it’s pricing?
Each home is different. There are several factors that determine pricing, such as lifestyle; square footage, time, pets, children, knickknacks, etc. A significant factor in price is how often we clean your home. If it is a weekly job, then the price could be less than a monthly job because homes tend to get dirty over a long period of time. We recommend having your home cleaned at least twice a month and possibly weekly depending on the complexity of your home.


What about the pricing of your additional services?
Vacation, construction, commercial, and move-in/out pricing is a totally different price structure. But, it still comes down to complexity of the job, frequency of the cleanings, and the total time it takes to get the job done. Please call our offices to discuss pricing our additional services.


Does MaidPure offer any other services?
Yes, MaidPure has several A La Carte services. In addition to home spa treatments, clients can request their housekeeper to:


  • Wash and fold laundry
  • Wash, vacuum dog bed
  • Empty dishwasher and put dishes away
  • Clean oven
  • Clean refrigerator (including freezer)
  • Sweep porch
  • Sweep garage
  • Clean & Organize interior cabinets
  • Clean out fireplace
  • Clean additional sliding glass doors
  • Change filters (Hepa recommended)


How does MaidPure maintain its consistency?
Our housekeepers are specially selected based on their ability to perform above and beyond our expectations. All of our housekeepers receive our signature training. We also have unique quality control measures in place to help ensure consistency. Each job is checked by a field manager to guarantee a consistent, professional service.


Can I have the same housekeeper if I use your service on a regular basis?
MaidPure tries very hard to keep the same person in your home every cleaning. Due to circumstances out of our control, if there is an instance when your regular cleaner is unable to clean your home, we will make an appropriate replacement and communicate the change with you prior to your cleaning. MaidPure keeps client profiles and notes so there is never a need for you to explain over and over again how you want your home cleaned.


What should I do to prepare for my cleaning?
If possible, it would be greatly appreciated if you can put away personal items and clutter. The less organizing our staff needs to do, the more time they can spend on deep cleaning the home.


Do I have to be home when someone cleans?
The large majority of our clients prefer NOT to be home when we clean. Some clients let us in before they leave for work and show us how to let ourselves out. Some clients opt to make us a set of keys. If we make a set of keys, they are color-coded & numbered (no personal information) for the safety of you and your home. They are stored in a safe and only management knows the codes.


We have pets, is that a problem?
No. However, it is best to have them in an enclosed area during the first cleaning or until they get to know our housekeepers. Please keep in mind, our staff is constantly going in and out of the house to load and/or unload equipment. If your pet has a tendency to escape, it might be best if he/she is left enclosed or outside while the girls are cleaning. In addition, if your pet is aggressive or our staff feels threatened, we will have to reschedule your cleaning. Please see our service agreement for further explanation.


Are you licensed?
Yes. We are licensed and pay corporate state and federal taxes. MaidPure operates in accordance with SC/NC & Federal employee regulations. Staff is required to carry a Social Security card, a driver’s license and be in accordance with the new federal E-Verify system.


Are you insured against damages?
Yes. We take every precaution to ensure that objects don’t get broken but accidents do sometimes happen. In the event that an object is damaged, please notify our office within 24 hours and we will take action to provide compensation. We are bonded and insured. However, we understand that every client has valuable and sentimental items that may not be replaceable. We ask if there is something in your home you would like for our staff NOT to touch or clean, please communicate that to us before the first cleaning.


What type of training do your housekeepers receive?
All housekeepers must have considerable cleaning experience prior to employment with our company. In addition, each employee undergoes a thorough background check. Once an employee is hired s/he must complete a 2-week training program. The owners of MaidPure personally ensure that all housekeepers are competent, courteous, and trustworthy.


How do I pay?
Cash, Check, Visa/MC.


If I am unhappy with a cleaning, what do you do?
If you are ever dissatisfied with a cleaning, please contact MaidPure within 24 hours. We will personally arrange to have a housekeeper re-clean the areas in which you are displeased.


What is your cancellation policy?
If you don’t cancel your appointment within 24 hours you will be charged the full amount of your scheduled service. Please refer to our service agreement for further information.


Are gift certificates available?
Yes, please visit our boutique for ordering information. Gift certificates can be sent to you to print straight from your computer.


How do I give feedback to MaidPure?
Feel Free to give us a call or email us.


Can you tell me about your service?
When cleaning your home we only use non-toxic natural products. The products we use are safe and effective killing 99.9% bacteria. They are not hazardous to your health, or the health of infants & pets. We are an environmentally friendly housekeeping service offering top-notch, pampered services at competitive prices.

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