Why Maidpure Is the Best Cleaning Company Out There

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Why Maidpure Is the Best Cleaning Company Out There

Among all the cleaning companies, Maidpure is chosen by many for a reason. Maidpure takes time to get to know every one of its clients so that its team can personalize its services to fit their unique needs. 

Plus, Maidpure has a team of passionate and experienced professionals who provide the highest quality service possible. If you need a deep clean or quick tidying up, Maidpure is perfect! 

About Maidpure

Your house, workplace, or vacation rental will be thoroughly cleaned using natural and healthy cleaning supplies by MaidPure. Constant and thorough cleaning of every space is part of the excellent service the Mount Pleasant and Charleston cleaning business is committed to providing.

The essential oil burning, turn-down linen treatment, and organic treats placed on the pillow are all included in MaidPure’s distinctive home spa cleaning bundles. Along with eco-friendly home cleaning, they also provide:

  • Complete move-in/move-out services
  • Beautifully maintained vacation rentals
  • Natural house cleaner work environments


Maidpure has won several accolades and news mentions in recent years. Here are some of their awards:

  • Voted Best of Mt Pleasant Home Cleaning Service by Mt Pleasant Magazine
  • Best Green Cleaning Service in the Lowcountry East of the Cooper, according to Moultrie News (2012 & 2013)
  • News on NBC: Go Green Cleaning (2008)
  • Charleston Home & Design: Interview with Heather Fairbairn/Co-Owner (2009)
  • PalmettoBizBuzz: MaidPure named Most Trusted Maid Service (2009)
  • Charleston City Paper: Maid To Be Green (2008)
  • Charleston City Paper: Best In Green
  • Park West Palazzo Blog
  • Limelight’s Blog

Organic House Cleaning

At Maidpure, they utilize organically approved natural cleaning supplies that include chemicals you are already acquainted with. In Charleston, South Carolina, and the areas near it.

Organic house cleaning has several advantages, whether as a habit or when moving in. They utilize organic and secure cleaning supplies and methods as their expert organic house cleaning services. 

It lessens the environmental effect while safeguarding you and your family from dangerous pollutants.

Different Services To Choose From

They will amaze their customers with first-rate natural cleaning and modify each service to your preferences. You may pick from various packages and services at Maidpure to satisfy your demands for house cleaning.

Home Spa Services

The lighting of plant oils, turn-down mattress and linen care, and organic treats perched atop your pillow are included in each of their unique home spa cleaning programs.

Maidpure is also “cleaning with a conscience.” Their clients will receive first-rate all-natural cleaning assistance while also receiving an understanding of your preferences. They will also leave a few extra touches along the route, which is an additional treat. 

Using pure, organic, and family-safe goods don’t have to be expensive. Cleanup in their upscale manner starts at only $100. 

Pure Bliss Package

With this bundle, their skilled and dependable housekeepers will alter your home using only organic materials. This extraordinary remedy is designed to revitalize and fortify your house.

Clients may anticipate turn-down care, smoking essential oils, and natural treats left on their pillows in addition to the services listed below: 


  • Spot clean the shelves and cabinets’ exteriors
  • Clean the microwave outside and inside
  • Wash all appliances’ exteriors
  • Maidpure should clean all sinks, backsplashes, and countertops and be 99.9% disinfected.
  • Clean the stovetop
  • Mop and vacuum the kitchen flooring
  • Scrub the kitchen window and sanitize the fridge’s top


  • Clean and sanitize toilets, counters, and sinks (99.9%)
  • Maidpure should scrub showers and tubs to get rid of mold and mildew
  • Clean and polish the fixtures
  • Clean the mirrors
  • Spot clean the shelves and cabinets’ exteriors
  • Clean up the toiletries and trinkets
  • Mop and vacuum the bathroom floors

Every Room:

  • Clean out the shelves, trinkets, lights, and artwork
  • Clean up and organize your home
  • Clear the cobwebs
  • Agitate the rugs
  • Where possible, vacuum beneath furnishings
  • Mop and vacuum the floors
  • Clear backdoor and entrance windows
  • Empty the trash cans
  • Clean the baseboards

Also, all lighting, ceiling fans, and curtains are dusted for free as part of the basic cleaning—additionally, steam mop any tile and hardwood floors.

Neat Freak Package 

This package includes all the customized natural remedies from Pure Bliss for more sweeping floors and tile cleaning. Pure Bliss PLUS features are guaranteed with this spa service.

  • Thoroughly dust all ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • All furnishings should be vacuumed, even the cushions
  • The grout and tile in the shower
  • Prepare all beds and change all of the linens
  • Clean the baseboards
  • Dust obscures (slat by slat)
  • Vents for vacuum

You may enjoy additional luxury by lighting an aromatherapy-infused candle. After pampering your house, treat yourself.

Wellness Package

This “top to bottom” cleaning combines the Pure Bliss and Neat Freak bundles with all the features you anticipate. Indeed, every inch of your house will be covered.

  • Maidpure should clean blinds (slat by slat)
  • Clean the outside of all light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • The oven and fridge inside should be clean
  • If you ask it, Maidpure will replace the linens on every bed
  • Maidpure should clean each door, door frame, railing, and ceiling vent
  • Clean the garbage cans

There will be some freshly cut flowers for you to enjoy.

A la Carte

At your request, Maidpure can make personalized bundles.

Additional Services

They have several areas of expertise outside only cleaning houses, and all further treatments are carried out with the same high-quality attention & service. Additionally, they offer a free, on-site assessment, and our affordable price accommodates all spending levels.

Deep Cleaning

What makes Maidpure stand out is their deep cleaning techniques that leave the customers satisfied and happy with their services. 

Even if your home appears in reasonably good shape outside, concealed clutter in closets or beneath furniture might make it unclean and unwelcoming. 

Maidpure’s professional cleaners and staff could help resolve these issues and give your house a deep clean it hasn’t received since you moved in.

Reliable Cleaning Company

The consistently thorough cleaning of every room is part of the excellent service provided by Maidpure’s dependable, adequately trained team. 

Their highly educated and professionally certified workforce is dedicated to providing top-notch services. Maidpure’s team delivers thorough and reliable cleaning outcomes for every space. Additionally, their renowned home spa cleaning programs go above and beyond standard maintenance.


Maidpure is committed to altering how society views the cleaning sector. Their team is dedicated to conserving the environment, avoiding health issues, and providing customers with a pleasurable and safe cleaning experience.

When it comes to pure cleaning, they are more than happy to employ the supplies and methods their clients want. Make sure you give them a call and let them take care of all your cleaning problems!

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