When Should You Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service?

Commercial Cleaning Service

When Should You Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service?

Maintaining the cleanliness of your office can be a chore even for your maintenance & janitorial staff. However, keeping your business premises clean all the time is necessary to keeping your current clients loyal and attracting new ones at the same time. A saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to godliness,” which speaks volumes about how your management values a clean working environment. 

But when the cleaning area has become overwhelming for your in-house cleaning staff, you should consider hiring professional cleaning services. However, it isn’t a decision you need to rush. Maybe you are asking yourself when is the right time to let the professionals clean your office.

Read on and learn the signs when hiring a cleaning services company makes sense. 

Signs You Need to Hire a Professional Cleaning Services Company

Keeping your office clean is necessary, whether in the lobby or reception area. Clients and visitors come and go in these areas, so it has to be kept clean and presentable. Hygienic and clean practices should be implemented in your office because they reflect your business. 

Aside from promoting customer loyalty, a healthy office environment will also keep workers happy, which can help boost their productivity. A recent study by Staples Corporation revealed that 94% of workers are more effective in a neat workspace, and in comparison, 77% said they delivered better work in a more hygienic environment. 

You may have an in-house cleaning team who handles those tasks, but will they be able to keep up if it involves several floors or departments, for example? So, when do you get the help of one? 

1. There is Visible Dirt Within Your Premises 

Seeing visible dirt and stains in your office premises is not a sign of the incompetence of your cleaning staff. They are trying everything to maintain the highest cleanliness you demand from them, and there may be several reasons their cleaning efforts seem in vain. 

First, they may not have the right cleaning tools and equipment. Second, your in-house cleaning team may not have the right skills for effective cleaning. 

Working with a professional cleaning company gives you access to the right cleaning tools and equipment. In addition, you add a trained and qualified workforce to your in-house cleaning team, ensuring high-quality cleanliness in your business. As a result, you can look forward to a clean, sanitary, and safe working environment. You do not need to buy expensive cleaning equipment. 

2. There is an Increase in Employees Calling in Sick 

An unsanitary workplace is a haven for harmful bacteria and germs which could infect your employees. Studies show that the average desk has 400 times more bacteria than the toilet seat. When these bacteria find their way into every employee cubicle, they could be at risk of contracting a cold, flu, or other viruses.

Another potential threat that could affect employee health is mold. This tiny organism can find its way into your air conditioning system, and if it does, your employees will be exposed to the flu virus and experience symptoms until the mold is removed. Professional cleaning companies will check every nook and cranny and use robust solutions to eradicate mold spores that may cause an infestation. 

3. You Get Negative Customer Feedback 

Cleanliness can help create an impression on your customers. If unsatisfied with your office’s cleanliness level, some customers will spread the word about it to their friends or colleagues. Others will leave negative feedback that could hurt your business’s reputation. 

You should always pay attention to what your customers say, especially negative feedback. If they talk negatively about the cleanliness of your office, you should do something about it. Professional cleaners will thoroughly clean your office premises and see that your customers will have no issues with cleanliness in your office.

4. You Have a Hectic Schedule 

As a business owner, there is too much on your plate, and you may not have the time to monitor cleanliness in your office premises. Generally, you may focus on devising strategies for generating revenue, customer service, attending business meetings, and developing new products and services. 

If you do not have an in-house cleaning staff, dirt may accumulate over time. Hiring a professional cleaning service company will help you focus on what every entrepreneur should be doing— business growth. Meantime, the professional cleaner will be the one to ensure that your business remains spic and span while you do other important things. 

5. Your Employees Are Not That Productive 

Too much dirt or clutter in your desk or station can make your employees unproductive, increasing the possibility of leaving their work. Also, there is a bad connotation of employees who have untidy desks. Studies have shown that employees with messy desks are perceived to be conscientious, more neurotic, and less agreeable. 

With professional cleaning companies, you can finally eliminate all the clutter and scratch papers you no longer need. As a result, your employees become more productive and focus more on their work. 

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