Healthy Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Healthy Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Bathrooms often appear to be the most difficult rooms to keep clean. You can’t put it off since dirt, grout, and bacteria might cause infection if you do. Don’t be alarmed, however. We at MaidPure have compiled a list of bathroom cleaning ideas that are so simple to implement that you can start using them now.

We advocate and follow hygienic cleaning practices. Our company handles everything from organic house cleaning, commercial cleaning, kitchen cleaning services, and bathroom cleaning services to construction cleaning. We also offer post-construction cleaning services to get your house ship-shaped before you move in.

  1. Regular Disinfection of Various Bathroom Areas 

Disinfect your shower and toilet at least once a week and your bathtub once every two weeks. Disinfect shower curtains at least once a week to keep mildew at bay, which can irritate some people’s skin, eyes, and throat. The toilet, floor, and sink will only need cleaning once a week if you keep your shower dry between usage and wipe down the countertops regularly (give other features a quick once-over).

  1. Dust And Clean All Surfaces And Areas In Sections

The best technique is to clean your bathroom in sections, going from right to left and top to bottom. Dust the light fixtures and vents and clean all the corners. Pick up all the debris and hair and vacuum the floors.

Apply an excellent acid-based cleaner to the bathtub and shower if there are a lot of build-ups. An all-purpose cleaner should do the trick if you clean your bathroom regularly. Let them soak as you focus on other surfaces using an all-purpose cleaner or an acid-based cleaner, sponges, and microfiber cloths. Clean all the doors, blinds, baseboards, windowsills, and shelves.

  1. Clean all Fixtures and Fittings

The next step is to wipe down the sink and counter, vanity areas, and plumbing fixtures. Use a multi-purpose spray and wipe everything down with a microfiber cloth. Use a coarser sponge if you find a lot of build-up around the soap dish and sink. Remove all the dust from the cabinet surfaces using a water-dampened cloth.

  1. Clean the Toilet

This step also depends on how regularly you clean your toilet. Using an all-purpose cleaner is fine if you regularly scrub the inside of the toilet. However, if you don’t clean it for weeks, you must use a special toilet cleaner before using a toilet brush to scrub the inside and flush the toilet. It’s best to let the cleaner stay in the toilet for a few minutes before you scrub it. Spray the all-purpose cleaner on the toilet’s outer surface and then wipe it down using a clean cloth. Mop the floor, and replace the towels and the bin.

  1. Using Natural Cleaning Solutions

Filling a dish scrubber with dishwashing detergent and vinegar and wiping the mirrors and glass surfaces clean after use is one of the most straightforward hacks. When you run out of surface cleaner, make a cup of black tea, and spritz it cold on reflective surfaces like glass screens and windows for a streak-free finish. If you do this frequently, you won’t have to clean your shower as regularly.

  1. The Best Way To Clean Grout

If you’re hurrying to remove stubborn bathroom grout, make a paste using baking soda and a grout cleaning product. Apply it with a toothbrush to the grout (and all the soap scum) – it’s so strong you might not even have to keep it on the grout for that long before cleaning it off. Of course, you may squirt toilet cleaner on the grout and wait a few minutes before scrubbing the grime away.

  1. Vinegar And Bicarb Will Help Unclog Your Drains

You’ll find that there’s not much that bicarbonate of soda and vinegar can’t fix in the bathroom. Pour a cup of bicarb down the shower drain to unblock it. After two or three minutes, add a cup of white vinegar to the mix. Pour hot water down the drain after an hour, which should clean out any unwanted hair or sludge jams. Organic house cleaners use various eco-friendly cleaning products in their work, and these DIY natural products can provide similar results.

  1. Use an Air Spray to Clean Your Extractor Fan

Extractor fans prevent mold and mildew in bathrooms, but they won’t operate as well if they become too dusty. If your vacuum cleaner’s extensions don’t reach your extractor fan, use a can of compressed air, such as the kind used to clean keyboards. After spraying the fan and wiping it down with a moist cloth, you’ll have a fully functional extractor fan again.

  1. Drip-Dry Your Toilet Brush

Do you know how that small puddle of filthy water builds up at the bottom of the toilet brush holder over time? Allow your toilet brush to drip dry after each usage to avoid the yuck factor. Close the toilet seat and cover the brush handle, allowing the brush to hang over the bowl.

Bathroom Cleaning Services

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