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When we started the MaidPure, we also started building our community of like-minded, green friends, and that network continues to grow. If this idea and these values appeal to you, you should consider growing with us organically. If you believe that families and businesses deserve a natural cleaning experience that doesnt expose loved ones to harmful chemicals, we invite you to learn more about our natural cleaning mission and starting a MaidPure in your area.

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Are you a hardworker with attention to detail that is looking for a great opportunity? Do you believe that your home and environment should be your sanctuary? Does working with others, managing a fast moving team and growing a business excite you? Wed love to talk to you more about MaidPure natural cleaning company.


MaidPure is a fullservice housekeeping company using only the most natural cleaningproducts. Our Home Spa Cleaning Packages are customized for each client and all-natural cleanings benefit from our personal touch. This is not your ordinary cleaning serviceit is an experience.


As a franchisee of MaidPure you are granted the rights to open a MaidPure organic cleaning company in your exclusive territory providing services to home and business owners looking for a clean that is also ecofriendly. With the help and support of the MaidPure home office and by following the proven system developed from several years of having run a successful natural cleaning company, you will have the opportunity to achieve success with MaidPure.


Valuable Natural Cleaning Training & Tools

MaidPure provides each franchisee with valuable training and tools for starting andgrowing a successful business, including:


  • Training at our corporate office in Charleston, SC.
  • An Operations Manual: A step by step guide to operate and develop MaidPure in your market.
  • Continued Support and Training: Regular phone meetings, email updates and an Annual Franchise Meeting.
  • Brand Identity: A unique and memorable brand.
  • Web site: The domain name has a page that is customized for yourmarket.
  • Public Relations and Marketing: Sample press releases, marketing suggestions, ideasfor community involvement
    with collateral materials and design elements ready for you tostart marketing your business.
  • Network: Be a part of an exciting national team, share ideas and build relationships withother franchisees.
Franchise Process
  1. Inquire about the franchise opportunity by filling out the Request for Information formbelow.
  2. MaidPure contacts you to provide a Confidentiality Agreement, then sets up a phonemeeting to discuss your background, business goals, personal financial situation and tohave an in-depth discussion of our discovery process.
  3. At the end of our initial discussion, you are encouraged to complete the Request forConsideration Form and return it to us for our review.
  4. When the review is completed and it is determined that we have common businessgoals, you are invited to our Discovery Day Program held at our corporate headquartersin Charleston, SC.
  5. You attend Discovery Day, tour the corporate offices and meet with key corporatepersonnel. At this meeting, you are provided with a Business Plan/Marketing PlanTemplate and our Franchise Disclosure Document that contains 23 items informing you indetail about the franchise offering as required by the FTC. We then review your specificlocal market demographics for the territory under consideration.
  6. After Discovery Day, you are encouraged to complete the Business Plan/MarketingPlan Template and we address any remaining questions that have surfaced in yourdiscovery process.
  7. If both MaidPure and you feel that this opportunity addresses our collective businessgoals, you are awarded a Franchise Agreement.
Frequently Asked Questions

What types of franchises opportunities are available?
Individual and Multiunit programs have been designed to fit the various goals ofindividuals looking at our opportunity. Each opportunity requires a different level ofinvestment of time and financial resources.

Why should I buy a franchise versus going into business on my own?
Independent businesses experience a failure rate of over 65% within the first five yearsin business whereas a franchised business has less than a 5% failure rate according tothe US Department of Commerce. A franchisor provides support in critical areas tosupplement the efforts and skills of the franchisee. A franchisee has a consistent sourceof information, support and years of experience whereas the individual business personmust rely on his/her own resources.

Will I have a protected territory?
Yes; MaidPure provides its franchisees with an exclusive protected territory.

Will MaidPure award more than one territory to a franchisee?
Yes. We give favorable consideration to any enterprising franchisee who is incompliance with their existing franchise agreement and wishes to further his/herentrepreneurial goals by purchasing one or more additional franchises.

Do I need prior experience in this field to be accepted?
No. Our training, guidance and support programs are focused on individuals with no prior business ownership or natural cleaning experience. What you do need is the drive to be successful.

Do I have to run the business myself?
This business model can be run in several modes including Investor and ActiveFranchisee and the returns vary accordingly.

What are the start up costs?
Start up costs are dependent upon a variety of factors. For example, the initialfranchise fee is based on population. The start up costs are itemized and detailed in theFranchise Disclosure Document provided to qualified prospects at Discovery Day.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?
The initial term of the franchise agreement is 5 years with an option to extendagreement for an additional 5 years if in good standing.

Can I sell my franchise?
Yes. You may sell your franchise at any time to whomever you choose within the termsof the franchise agreement.

Can I obtain financing to become a MaidPure franchisee?
MaidPure does not offer any financing options. We do everything possible to assistqualified applicants in obtaining financing from lenders you work with.

How soon can I begin business?
Work begins immediately after the franchise agreement has been signed. A normaltime frame to for opening is 1 3 months after the franchise agreement has been signed.

How do I find our more about the MaidPure franchise opportunity?
See the Process for investigating the MaidPure Franchise Opportunity

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